Never Finding Land xxx

Thoughts And Feelings

Here are all my quirky thoughts and feelings (which are slightly cringy)


I was at an activity camp and set someone on FIRE! This was NOT on my bucket list!

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Is A Fresh Start For The Best?

I am I betraying them, or are they over-reacting?

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Red Nose Day!

I love Red Nose Day! And hopefully, so do you! So I have decided to write a blog post about it!

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Rubbish Intro's

This is the (horrible) introduction to my new blog- ForeverDrifting

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A Bit About Me

Hi, this is my blog! I'm sorry for the rubbish opening, I am really bad at introductions! Anyway, this is an anonymous blog (so nobody knows who I am). I created the blog because I need someone to talk to, who will understand. None of my friends understand, so I thought that I could talk to the internet -you guys-! I am gonna have to end it here or I will start going off topic! So.......

ForeverDrifting, never finding land...

This is a blog created by me, to help people like you!

Event Reviews

SLXPB Pop-Up Store Review

Today I went to the SLXPB Store! Wanna see how it went?

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