Is A Fresh Start For The Best?

29 Mar

We can't to the same school with our friends forever, someday we all have too separate. But when you say goodbye to them, are you betraying them? Or is it for the best? Take risks? Or never go up the cliff and never see what's there? I say this because today I found out what school I'm going too. Only four people in my school got accepted there, and I don't really socialize with them very much.   

The plan was that I would go to the local school, walk to and from school with my friends, study together. That was what was gonna happen, and I even got accepted there!  But today I found out that I got accepted into a different place, and my parents said that I'm going there instead. I am happy about going there, I really am! But my friends think differently! My 'real friends' (who know about this blog) are happy for me and have been really kind, since they are all going different schools too! But my ''fake friends' have been really mean! 

One has called me a 'Bitch'.

The other has called me the 'Great Betrayer'.

Ducky has said that she is 'Disgusted with me'.

These people were meant to be my friends, we were meant to be kind to each other and trust each other! Ducky's behaviour has really shocked me! We have been best friends since we were five, and now she is ding this!

So what do I do? Am I really betraying them? Did I deserve this? And if I didn't, can I learn to forgive and forget? Please can somebody comment, and help me make the right decision!

Forever drifting, never finding land...

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