Usually, I am a really safe person and never do anything like set someone on fire, but I am also really impatient so.....


This is the first time that I have ever set anyone on FIRE! When it happened, instead of doing something to help, I just stood there frozen and watched, afterwards I could barely move, I don't know what  happened but I felt as if I was trapped in this narrow casing that moulded around my body.


So, my year group were out at an activity centre which was about an hour away (but it took us 20 minutes longer because of the traffic) and we arrived at 10ish. Our first activity was really fun! We had this podium and we had to hit each other off with inflatable rods. I thought that I was going to be RUBBISH at it, but I was kinda good! Sometimes I lost :( but sometimes I won :)! We also went on an inflatable Rodeo Bull! That was umm.............

Well, I tried my best! (I fell off on the first tug literally every time!) And then we did fire making! So we collected our materials and stuff and we got our Flint & Steel and it was going pretty good. But my partner and i's fire wouldn't start and the only fire that would start was (new nickname coming up) FireGirl's Group. Everyone was taking a stick into their fire and putting it on their own and it worked! But I was impatient because everyone had a fire except my group, so I put a stick into the other groups fire and tried to light my own. I tried and tried and tried but it wouldn't work! So I got some dead grass and dipped it into their fire, as I bought it to my own the grass burnt up to quickly and my had was burning. I panicked and flung the grass away. Sadly onto...

FireGirl! All her leggings set alight and there was fire everywhere, but I couldn't move. I felt like I was in a Cinema and I was watching what was happening behind the screen, but I couldn't do anything other than sit there and watch...

Luckily, a teacher put it out and FireGirl was ok and she didn't get any burns etc. I didn't even get told off that badly! But I feel so guilty, everyone was taking it as a joke and laughed about it, but I couldn't laugh with them, I just couldn't betray FireGirl like that! I was quiet for the rest of the day and nothing else interesting happened and I know that I was really lucky, but I still feel terrible!

What Do You Think?

Would you do what I did, or would you take it as a joke? Has anything like this happened to you? Or were you the one set on fire? I would LOVE to know what you think!

Forever Drifting, Never Finding Land xx  

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