Rubbish Intro's

23 Mar

Hi, this is my blog

Hi! This is ForeverDrifting and here's my blog!

Hey there!...........

(No, just no)


I am Rubbish at introduction's (as you can see here)! I always end up looking to cheesy or too gloomy. I don't know why, but intros always seem to puzzle me. I can never get the words right!

You are most likely wondering (you are probably not) why I created this blog! Well the reason is that I have a lot of thoughts and feelings bubbling up inside of me. I am always scared to tell my friends because I am afraid that they will make fun of me/ hate me! I also tried keeping a diary, but all the writing seemed forced and  got boring after a few days. I have been trying to write diary's for ages, so I have hundreds of notebooks with 2 pages of rubbish in them! I got the idea of a blog by reading a book (stupid, right)? But I fell in love with idea, so i thought that I could try it out,

This blog will be anonymous (so nobody finds out my real identity). So, I will give all my friends/enemies/teachers etc different names, like:

Ducky: She is my best friend! We call each other twins because us, our mums and our granddads have the same name. She is called Ducky because when we went to the London Dungeons she got accused of being a 42 year-old male, who is a French spy and is called Ze Orange Duck!

Reasons WhDucky Is Awesome:

1) She has been there for me since I was five!

 2) We both have the same interests/hobbies!

3) When my dog ran away, she wouldn't leave my side (and still hasn't)!

4) We see each other everyday!

5) She is funny and amazing!

6) She always knows how  to cheer me up!

I will have to end this here because I have to do homework (algebra)! But I hope that you enjoyed this blog post!

Forever drifting, never finding land...

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