Red Nose Day!

25 Mar

I love Red Nose Day! You get to give money to charity, and you get to wear a silly, red nose! I think that this Red Nose Day was the best yet! I got in a twitter war about biscuits, wore red to school and I donated £21!

Red Nose Day is very important because without it, many people in Africa would be dead and many people in England would be living very unhappy lives. Just £45 can send a girl from Africa to school for a year! Malteasers  helped  make even more money this year by donating £5 for every Malteaser packet bought! Red Nose Day was made by Comic Relief in 1985 and ever since then it has been majorly successful! A lot of people take going to school, or getting an Xbox for granted! But a lot of children in Africa don't get to go to school! Instead, they have to work all day, every day so that they can eat! This year Ed Sheeran went to Africa for Comic Relief! 

I watched the Red Nose Day special on BBC 1, and it made me laugh and cry! I laughed a lot when my favourite actor/comedian (Miranda)  came on! Miranda is from my fave shows 'Call The Midwife' and  'Miranda' sadly Miranda has ended, but it is still one of my favourite shows of all time! I cried a lot when the adverts of children in Africa came on. It was so sad because of the dangerous lives that they were living! On twitter (@ForeverDriftOfficial) I got in  a twitter war over Custard Creams! The boy claimed that they were 'disgusting' and let me tell you, I was outraged! I dressed up red to school and we raised over £350!! If you want to raise  some money next Red Nose Day, here's some ways how:

How To Raise Money For Red Nose Day!

1) Bake Sale- If you love baking then have a bake sale with your friends! They are easy to do and they make a lot of money! Usually when I do bake sales, I raise from £90-£100!

2) How many in the jar?-  Fill a jar with Malteasers and get everyone to pay to guess how many there are! Whosever answer is the closest gets a prize! I have never done this myself, but I have taken part in one, though sadly I didn't win!

3) Have a party- Have your friends over, and let them pay a donation each! You can sing, dance and have fun all in aid of Red Nose Day!

4) Throw a Lunchtime Bash- Make the most of your lunchtime and have a lunchtime party! It can be in your School Hall, Playground, anywhere! Just make sure to ask the Headteachers permission first!

5) Wear Red- Let the whole school go in red! People can sponsor you to wear red lipstick, a red onesie, the list is endless! But make sure to ask you headteachers permission first!

Thanks for reading this blog post! Please comment so I know that you're there!

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