SLXPB Pop-Up Store Review

01 Sep

SLXPB Pop-Up Shop

The SLXPB Pop-Up Shop is a collaboration of Sugg Life (Zoe Sugg and Joe Sugg) and Pointless Blog (Alfie Days). It is a small shop opened up in Covent Garden selling clothes and accessories. It is open for 12 days and closes on 8th of September 2017. I went their on the 5th day (Friday) of its opening.

I got the train to Holborn and then got off onto the Piccadilly line to Covent Garden. Its very easy to find (you can usually see the queue, but google maps takes you there easily and its just a 4 minutes walk from the train station. I got there at 10:20 AM (I would recommend getting their at this time otherwise the queues are 3+ hours long. Luckily the queue for us only took around 1 hour and 30 minutes although time flies and it feels like 20 minutes. I would recommend taking something to do their while your in the queue. Zoe, Alfie or Joe are not always at the store and they were not their when I went in sadly. When you walk in to the shop there is a place to take pictures. Then their are all the merchandise. When I was there the pop sockets and posters  had sold out, the only phone cases left were 7, 6, 6+ and 7+ (I have a 5s). The hoodies only have xl and xxl left except the white hoodies which I have bought. The white shirts had all the sizes in stock but I am not sure about the other shirts. It was chaos because everyone was trying to get a small hoodie, there were hoodies on the ground and in the wrong piles. I saw people on the ground scavenging to find a white hoodie in small. The customer service is lovely and the is space inside the shop to calm down from the chaos. When I was walking back to the train station I saw that the queue dad 10x multiplied making it at least 4+ hours long.

Queue: 8/10

Cloths: 6/10

Shop: 10/10

Journey: 10/10 

Overall it was such a fun day, I did not get to meet Joe, Zoe or Alfie but I did get to get the hoodie. I would say it is worth going to but only if you get there at a good time! 


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